Successful participation in Tire Technology Expo 2024!

From March 19-21, 2024, our company experienced an exciting time at the Tire Technology Expo 2024 in Hannover, one of the leading fairs for the tire and rubber industry. We are proud to report that our participation in the event was an outstanding success.

The expo provided us with the perfect stage to showcase our latest innovations, products, and integrated system solutions. One of the highlights was the exceptionally high number of visitors at our booth. The keen interest and in-depth professional engagement of the visitors with our offerings not only confirmed the strong interest of the industry but also emphasized the market relevance of our innovative solutions.

During the three days of the expo, we had numerous enriching conversations with customers, business partners, and industry experts. These discussions were particularly valuable as they offered us deep insights into the current needs and challenges of our customers and highlighted new avenues for collaboration and approaches for further development of our products.

A special focus was on the presentation of our latest PROMOL® release agents and our advanced technologies in metering technology and process automation. The positive feedback and high interest in these innovations confirmed their importance and benefit to the tire and rubber industry, especially in terms of efficiency, performance, and sustainability.

Participating in the Tire Technology Expo 2024 in Hannover was a complete success and once again showed us how important direct exchange with the industry is. We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such a significant event and are pleased about the valuable contacts and insights we were able to gain.

Our thanks go to all the visitors of our booth and the organizers of the Tire Technology Expo 2024 in Hannover for a completely successful fair. We look forward to future opportunities for collaboration and to continue driving innovation in the industry together.

For more information about our products and services, please visit our website or contact us directly. We look forward to transforming your challenges into opportunities.