Custom Compounders

Custom compounders or contract compounders are companies or specialized service providers that focus on the mixing or compounding of customized polymer blends or compounds according to the specific requirements of their customers. Compounding refers to the process in which various polymer-based materials, additives, fillers, and colorants are mixed to create tailor-made blends.

Customers utilizing the services of contract compounders often have specific requirements for the physical properties, colors, durability, or other characteristics of their plastic products. Instead of producing these blends themselves, they commission contract compounders to combine the necessary materials and achieve the desired properties.

The services of contract compounders are utilized in various industries, including tire manufacturing, where they can also compensate for the lack of in-house mixing capabilities.

Anti-tacks for Custom Compounders

Compound anti-tacks for custom compounders must be universal products. Custom compounders do not want to or cannot constantly change the release agent in the mixing plant. What is required here is a product that meets all requirements and satisfies all customers equally. Both highly polar and non-polar mixtures are produced, and very soft or hard compounds are also used. The release agent must exhibit excellent release properties while maintaining a good surface finish for further processing. Typical physical forms include mix strips, skins, and granules. The latter requires a special form of cooling and drying before being filled into bulk containers or FIBCs.

Long storage times for blends produced on a contract basis are practically inevitable. The transport distances from the contract mixer to the end customer are often long, and immediate processing of the mixture upon receipt occurs only in the rarest cases.

Anti-tacks for compounds

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