Additives for Polymerization

Polymer production is a highly precise process that requires control of reaction conditions such as temperature, pressure, and catalyst presence to achieve the desired properties in the final product. During polymerization, auxiliary substances may be necessary to induce a desired behavior of the polymers or to avoid unwanted behavior.

In the polymerization of elastomers and the subsequent processing steps, auxiliary chemicals are often required for smooth processing, considering the actual process conditions. Barbe offers special products for solvent polymerization, which prevent the recombination/agglomeration of coagulated elastomers in solvent separation containers, thus contributing to the improvement of elastomer quality and to the sustainability of the process.

Furthermore, Barbe offers PROMOL® release agents, which can be applied either to the downstream drying systems or directly onto the elastomer. These reduce the adhesion of polymer crumbs to conveying and drying equipment, thereby improving elastomer quality and increasing the efficiency of the process.

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