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Household appliances

Household appliances, also referred to as white goods, such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, electric stoves and ovens, microwave ovens – in all these appliances, rubber sealing profiles are commonly found. Only when properly installed do they fulfill their purpose. Lubricants simplify the installation of the profiles.

Appliance manufacturers, often known as producers of major household appliances, are always at the intersection of innovation and functionality. Their products – from refrigerators to washing machines to dishwashers – are essential components of modern households. But what enables the continuous development and optimization of these devices? A key factor is the use of polymeric materials.

Polymeric materials, with their diverse properties, play a central role in the manufacture of appliances. Their adaptability to various shapes and designs, combined with high resistance to chemicals, water, and mechanical stress, makes them the ideal material for many components of these devices.

In the field of appliances, polymeric materials create the synergies and opportunities manufacturers need to continuously improve the efficiency, functionality, and sustainability of their products.

Elastomers are used in the production of appliances for their flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance. Some typical applications of elastomers in major household appliances include:

  • Seals and sealing rings
    They are crucial for preventing water and air leaks in devices such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. Elastomers provide an effective seal that is critical for the functionality and energy efficiency of the devices. Both in refrigerators and oven doors, elastomeric seals ensure the interior temperature is efficiently regulated by minimizing heat loss, thereby contributing to energy efficiency.
  • Hoses and connectors
    In washing machines and dishwashers, elastomeric hoses are used for water supply and drainage. Their flexibility allows for easy installation and adaptation to various configurations, while their chemical and thermal resistance ensures they withstand harsh operating conditions.
  • Anti-vibration components
    Elastomers are used in the form of mats, feet, or other elements to reduce vibrations and noise. These applications are often found in washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers, where quiet operation is important for household comfort.
  • Knobs and controls
    For controls, such as knobs or switches, elastomers offer a pleasant feel and at the same time durable performance, even under frequent use.
  • Insulation and protection
    In some cases, elastomeric materials are used for insulation or to protect sensitive components, such as to shield electrical parts from moisture or to improve the thermal efficiency of devices like refrigerators.

Due to their versatility and specific properties, elastomers are a key material for the manufacture of appliances, contributing to the performance, safety, and user-friendliness of these devices.

Critical: Correct Installation of a Washing Machine's Seal Ring

The seal of a washing machine, often referred to as a door seal or boot, is a critical component that seals the connection between the wash drum and the door. This rubber or elastomeric seal prevents water from leaking out of the machine during the washing process.

Mounting aids reduce friction between the seal and the surface on which it is installed. The use of these lubricants not only facilitates the positioning and installation of the seal ring but also ensures the quality and longevity of the seal. Even pressure along the entire seal ensures optimal sealing.

Mounting aids for sealing profiles

Installation aids are essential for the successful installation of elastomeric seals in household appliances: They not only facilitate the assembly process but also contribute significantly to the functionality, energy efficiency, and longevity of the devices. By minimizing the risk of damage during installation, they ensure that the seal can optimally fulfill its important role in maintaining appliance performance.

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