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Tire Manufacturing

Tires are essential for the mobility of people and the transportation of goods. The safety and performance of vehicles depend significantly on the correct selection of the appropriate tire and its quality. Process aids play an important role in quality and support the manufacturing process at various points.

The passenger car stock in Europe is steadily increasing (source: Eurostat), and accordingly, the demand for tires is rising. Tires influence important aspects of vehicles such as traction, braking performance, driving stability, and comfort.

Tire manufacturing is a complex process that involves several steps. It begins with compounding, the production of homogeneous raw rubber mixtures from materials such as natural and synthetic rubber. This is followed by extrusion to give the tire parts their respective shapes, calendaring to determine thickness and consistency, tire assembly by assembling the parts, and vulcanization for final shaping and strengthening of the tire. Finally, an inspection usually takes place before the tires are packed for shipping.

Process aids may be required during and between the various manufacturing steps. These aids are intended to support trouble-free and efficient manufacturing and later contribute positively to the performance and finishing of the final tire. Different types of tires undergo specific manufacturing processes to meet their respective requirements. When selecting products, this must be taken into account to achieve optimal results.

Compound Anti-tacks for tire manufacturing

Depending on the type of tire, the compounds vary, and thus the requirements for the compound release agent. The compound release agents must behave neutrally, especially with adhesive compounds, and must not negatively affect the steel cord adhesion values after aging. PROMOL® release agents have been developed with a special focus on these properties.
In addition, general requirements for compound release agents must be considered.

our anti-tacks for uncured rubber compounds

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