Polymeric materials: Uniquely versatile, challenging in processing

Processing aids for polymeric materials

Polymeric materials possess unique physical and chemical properties that make them indispensable for countless industrial applications. As versatile as the uses may be, the manufacturing and processing pose numerous challenges to the industry. Processing aids, such as release agents and lubricants, can help overcome these difficulties. BARBE is a specialized provider of processing aids for polymeric materials.

To enhance the efficiency of the production process as well as the quality of the final product, BARBE specializes in the development, manufacture, and distribution of processing aids for the polymer manufacturing and processing industry, addressing the aforementioned challenges.

Many polymers tend to adhere to parts of machinery, such as injection molds or extruder screws. Release agents act as a barrier layer between the polymer and the surface of the processing equipment, facilitating demolding and improving the surface quality of the final product. Moreover, the processing of polymers can create mechanical stresses within the material, leading to distortions or weaknesses in the final product. Release agents can reduce surface tension and promote a more uniform distribution of material in the mold, improving the mechanical properties of the finished part. Residues from polymers - as well as from release agents - can lead to contaminations that impair the quality of the final product and necessitate intensive cleaning processes of the equipment. Therefore, selecting the right release agent that is effective and easy to remove is crucial. The presence of release agents can affect the ability of the finished product to undergo further processing steps such as painting, printing, or bonding. The compatibility of the release agent with these processes must thus be carefully evaluated.

Overall, release agents are an essential tool in the processing of polymeric materials to meet the challenges mentioned above and to enhance the efficiency of the production process as well as the quality of the final product. BARBE assists its clients in finding the best solution.

Everyday Companions: Polymeric Materials

Polymeric materials, also known as plastics, can be found in nearly all areas of modern life due to their versatility and adaptability. In automobile manufacturing, polymeric materials are used for parts such as dashboards, bumpers, body parts, window and engine seals, hoses, and tires. They significantly contribute to weight reduction, fuel efficiency, and the enhancement of safety features. But plastics also encounter us in numerous other areas of life: In textiles, such as jackets or shoes, in sporting equipment, and even in toys.

Polymer production

Polymer production is a highly precise process that requires the control of reaction conditions such as temperature, pressure, and the presence of catalysts to achieve the desired properties in the final product. During polymerization, auxiliary substances may be necessary to induce a desired behavior of the polymers or to prevent unwanted behavior.

Compounding and Processing

During the processing of polymeric materials, lubricants or release agents, which are externally applied processing aids, are often required. From separating the mixtures and extrudates to facilitating the demolding of rubber products from their molds.

Functional post-cure treatment

After vulcanization of plastic parts, post-processing treatments can improve the processing properties or the performance of the parts. This can involve coatings with protective agents, post-treatment with plasticizers, the application of antioxidants and antiozonants, or coatings for surface modification. The specific selection and application of the post-treatment depend on the requirements of the final product and the properties of the plastic used.

Specialties for specific industries

Processsing Aids for Tire Manufacturing

Tires are essential for the mobility of people and the transportation of goods. The safety and performance of vehicles depend significantly on the correct selection of the suitable tire and its quality. Process aids also contribute to quality, supporting the manufacturing process at numerous points.

Specialties Tire Manufacturing

Processing Aids for Manufacturers of Materials for Tire Retreading

Tire retreading is a sustainable approach to extend the lifespan of tires and minimize environmental impacts by reducing waste. The processing aids used for the production of treads must not interfere with the later application of these onto the used tires.

Specialties for Tire Retreading

Processing Aids for Hose Manufacturing

Depending on the purpose and specific requirements of a hose, suitable compounds must be selected for its production. Among the polymer processing industries, the field of hose manufacturing features by far the highest variety of compounds. This also leads to particularly high demands on the processing aids used.

Specialties Hose Manufacturing

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