Solutions for the Polymer Industry

The polymer industry is a broad and versatile field that encompasses various sectors involved in the production, processing, and application of polymers. Specifically, in the processing of polymeric materials, release and demolding agents are required in the manufacturing processes.

The polymer industry is thus an interdisciplinary sector that plays a key role in many sectors of the economy and continues to advance through ongoing innovations and developments. In particular, in polymer-processing industries, release agents and demolding agents are used at numerous points in the manufacturing process. The rubber industry is a part of the polymer industry that focuses on the production of rubber and elastic materials. Both natural and synthetic rubber are used in tires, tubes, seals, shoes, and other products. Especially these materials tend to stick, adhere to machine parts, or are difficult to release from the mold for vulcanization.

Process aids, such as release and demolding agents, help ensure that processes run smoothly and efficiently. BARBE specializes in the development, manufacture, and distribution of process aids for the polymer industry, with a focus on the rubber industry.

Rubber flooring
Roofing membranes

Other industries within the polymer industry where process aids are used:

  • Cable production
  • Seals (sealing rings, O-rings)
  • Rubber profiles
  • Rubber membranes (e.g., Bladder)
  • Injection molding production
  • Rubber parts for the automotive industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Glass and window manufacturers