Tire Outside Release Agents

Tire outside release agents, also knows as Tire Outside Paints, offer both process-technical benefits and aesthetic improvements post-vulcanization. These products are applied to the completed tire blank, with spraying methods preferred over application with cloths or brushes. Despite being water-based, they are characterized by rapid drying speeds, allowing the tire blank's exterior to dry quickly and completely. This efficiency is maintained regardless of whether the tires are diagonal or radial, which significantly differ as blanks. While radial tires already resemble their final form before vulcanization, diagonal tire blanks are more like tubes, achieving a tire-like shape only in the press. Our product is equally suitable for both types of tires and can be applied across the entire blank, from bead to bead. Thanks to the high compatibility of Barbe's products with different mixes, it's also possible to spray into the tread areas without needing to cover them.

The tire exterior spray solution facilitates venting as the mold closes, supports the flow of the mix within the mold, and acts as a mold release, without disturbing the connections between components or hindering their welding. Additionally, the level of gloss can be adjusted according to customer requirements, enhancing the aesthetic quality of the final product.

Aqueous tire outside paint which is applied by spraying onto the green tire to provide compound flow, deaeration and release. A very thin and uniform film is sufficient to achieve these properties. PROMOL® TO 6300BK is compatible with most rubber compounds and does not leave residue on the cured tire.

The product offers numerous advantages:

  • water-based, ready to use
  • supports compound flow and deaeration
  • strong rubber to rubber adhesion after application and drying
  • very good appearance after curing
  • very efficient in application, low consumption


Delivery form:

Compatibility with BARBE equipment

Dilution Control System
Dilution Panel

Special properties

  • filler-containing
  • silicone-free


  • Mould Release Agent


  • IBC
  • drum


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