Procurement Policy

Our Commitments in Sourcing

April 2024

This procurement policy applies to all companies of the BARBE Group of Companies, including:

  • Hans W. Barbe Chemische Erzeugnisse GmbH
  • Barbe (Thailand) Ltd.
  • Barbe America, Inc.

We, the BARBE Group of Companies, are providers of integrated process solutions for the surface coating of polymers. We offer our customers surface-active process aids and automation equipment for their processing. The chemical products we offer are produced by us in our plants in Germany, the USA, and Thailand. In all procurement decisions, we consider economic efficiency, sustainability, and supply security.

As signatories of the UN Global Compact, we commit to its ten principles, which cover human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption. Our goal is to minimize negative impacts on society and the environment. We also expect our suppliers and service providers to share our high standards of cost awareness, quality, social justice, and environmental consciousness. These requirements are formalized in our Supplier Code of Conduct, whose acceptance is a prerequisite for collaboration and is available on our website at

We prefer partners who demonstrate transparency in their supply chain regarding the compliance with this code. To increase supply security, we source interchangeable raw materials from multiple manufacturers or different production sites of one manufacturer. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our actions and products minimize the emission of greenhouse gases. Therefore, we also evaluate procurement options based on their carbon footprint, preferring those with recognized credentials.

Our Employee Code of Conduct ensures compliance with our ethical standards and practices in daily operations. This code is mandatory for all employees at BARBE and explicitly refers to our procurement policy. The management regularly reviews the procurement policy, further develops it, and makes corrections as necessary to fulfill our commitments to sustainability and social responsibility.

The procurement policy of the Barbe Corporate Group is a living document that reflects our commitment to responsible, sustainable, and efficient procurement practices. It serves as the foundation for our daily actions and our long-term procurement strategies to make a positive contribution to a more sustainable and just world.

This procurement policy was originally written in German and has been translated to English.