Dramatically reduce false-positive defects

Lubricants for Tire Uniformity Testing Machines

Lubricants for tire uniformity testing machines are used to ensure that tires glide smoothly and evenly over the measuring device during the testing process. This helps to ensure the accuracy of the measurements, as uniform tire gliding ensures that all relevant data is accurately captured. Glide agents can also help reduce friction and wear, thus extending the lifespan of the testing machine. Overall, glide agents contribute to ensuring consistent and reliable performance of the tire uniformity testing machine.

PROMOL® TU 4525/17 is a water-based lubricant to facilitate mounting of cured tires on uniformity testing machines.

The product offers numerous advantages:

  • free of silicones, soaps, solvents, oils and fillers
  • balanced lubrication effect for easy mounting while avoiding slip
  • improvement of testing consistency and test method accuracy
  • optimization of throughput and capacity use of uniformity testing machines
  • fast drying after testing
  • does not leave any visible residues on the tire
  • protection against corrosion


Delivery form:

Compatibility with BARBE equipment

Dilution Control System
Dilution Panel

Special properties

  • silicone-free
  • water-based


  • Mounting Aid


  • drum
  • pail


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