Dilution Control Systems (DCS)

The DCS X4 dispensing system offers an automatic solution for diluting separating, demolding, or lubricating agents. The system can supply up to four target containers from one or two sources, depending on the operating mode selected. Each target container can be individually supplied with a predefined dilution. The system autonomously calculates the required volumes of concentrate and water, dispenses them into the receiving containers, and monitors the entire process.

The versatility of the DCS X4 allows for various applications. It can not only dilute concentrates from supply containers but also be used to produce dispersions (concentrate or application concentration) from powder. The operator can predefine and save the necessary steps in a sequence, and the system executes them automatically.

Once set up, the replenishment into the receiving containers is fully automatic. This enables staff in the mixing plant to focus on their primary tasks. By providing individual dosing per mixing line, the consumption of separating agents is optimized. The reserve volumes can also be optimized, as the system continuously delivers fresh product.

Integrating an interface with the kneader control allows for mixture-dependent concentration management and monitoring. This enables processes to be controlled and optimized with even greater precision. Overall, the DCS X4 contributes to minimizing consumption, increasing efficiency, and simplifying processes in the mixing plant.

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