Dilution Panel (DP)

A water-powered, non-electric proportional dosing injector can be used to simplify and stabilize the dilution process of PROMOL® anti-tacks supplied as liquid concentrates. The Dilution Panel facilitates putting such an injector into operation, as it adds the recommended accessories for the intended purpose, all installed on a panel in a space-saving design. The injectors function as volumetric proportioning units, ensuring that the dispersion properties remain stable regardless of variations in pressure and flow of water. The Dilution Panel can be operated manually or can be integrated into (existing) automation equipment. Operation of the device is very simple and is basically limited to the following steps:

  • connect Dilution Panel with water supply
  • connect Dilution Panel with supply container (IBC, drum or jug)
  • open valve as and when required for supply of target container

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