Alzey plant moves forward in terms of sustainability: Conversion to LED lighting completed

At Alzey plant, the lighting has been converted to LED to save energy and improve the working environment. This measure, which includes both indoor and outdoor areas, reduces costs and CO2 emissions, extends the life of the lighting, and increases safety. This demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainability and shows that environmental protection and economic success can go hand in hand.

The Alzey production site of Hans W. Barbe Chemische Erzeugnisse GmbH has completed a remarkable step towards greater sustainability and energy efficiency by fully converting its lighting systems to LED technology. This comprehensive modernization affects not only the work areas inside, such as production halls, warehouses, and office spaces, but also extends to the emergency lighting in corridors and all outdoor areas of the plant.

The decision to switch to LEDs brings a plethora of benefits that go beyond mere energy savings. LEDs consume up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting methods, leading to a significant reduction in operating costs and a smaller CO2 footprint. Additionally, LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan, which significantly reduces maintenance and replacement needs.

Another crucial advantage of LED lighting is the creation of an improved work environment. The uniform and glare-free lighting can enhance the well-being of employees and minimize eye strain, contributing to a more pleasant and productive work atmosphere. Moreover, the conversion to LED demonstrates the company's commitment to modern and future-proof technologies and offers extended possibilities in lighting design by adjusting light color and intensity, contributing to optimal working conditions.

Updating the emergency lighting to LED, which ensures reliable and immediate lighting in an emergency, is also critically important for workplace safety. By making this significant investment in the future, the Alzey plant positions itself as a leader in terms of ecological responsibility and sustainable management. The conversion impressively demonstrates that the company takes environmental protection seriously and confirms that economic success and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Saving even more Energy with Smart Lighting Control

Mobile shelving systems optimize storage space by pushing shelves tightly together, requiring only one access aisle at a time. At our Alzey plant, we use such a system with two blocks of shelves consisting of several rows each. An intelligent control system ensures that lighting is activated only in the currently used aisles—that is, lighting is only on in open aisles. In practice, this means that a maximum of two aisles are illuminated at any time, while the lighting in the remaining areas remains off. This targeted lighting concept leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption and demonstrates how the use of modern technology and intelligent control systems can enable considerable savings without compromising work processes or safety.

Thus, our facility in Alzey becomes an example of efficient energy management and underscores our commitment to acting both environmentally and economically conscious through the use of innovative solutions.

Pictures of the new LED lighting in Alzey plant