At Barbe, we embrace a culture of continuous improvement!

Shopfloor Management at BARBE

Cultivating Improvement Culture Across All Areas

In today's modern business world, the success of a company heavily relies on transparent communication, effective accountability, and an open environment. The Shopfloor method plays a key role in this regard. It ensures clarity about objectives, promotes individual accountability in decision-making, and facilitates communication across all levels. Through regular meetings and a robust feedback system, every employee understands their contribution to overall success. This fosters a dynamic work atmosphere that enhances adaptability and customer satisfaction.

BARBE has been successfully implementing this management method for several years. The following aspects are particularly important to us:

  • Transparency: Every employee is continuously informed about the objectives in their area and understands how they can contribute to achieving them. Regular company-wide Shopfloor meetings demonstrate the connection of individual team goals to overarching company objectives.

  • Responsibility: Decisions are made at the point of action, based on the numbers and data compiled and prepared by the involved teams.

  • Communication on Equal Terms: Across hierarchy levels and departments, we bring together the right colleagues using the Shopfloor method, thus achieving the best possible results for our customers in a short time.

  • Feedback: Every employee is encouraged to provide constructive feedback, not only to improve our Shopfloor system but also to continuously develop themselves as employees and their teams.

By prioritizing transparency, responsibility, and communication, the Shopfloor method forms the foundation for a forward-thinking corporate culture that promotes the sustainable development of employees and business success alike.

Shopfloor Management was originally developed in Japan as part of the Lean Manufacturing philosophy, which is closely associated with the Toyota Production System (TPS). The TPS and its methods, including Shopfloor Management, emerged after World War II when Japanese companies, especially Toyota, were seeking ways to increase their production efficiency and minimize resource wastage. The principles of Lean Manufacturing and Shopfloor Management have spread globally and are now recognized practices in many industries and companies.